Day 1: Laying of chipboard for the storage area and make preparations for installation of steel RSJ beams.

Day 2: Installation of Velux windows (weather permitting); assembly of steel beams; double up existing rafters.

Day 3: Building up structural load-bearing wall to take the weight from the roof to steel beams; cut trusses to form the shape of the attic.

Day 4: Installation of suspended timber floor joists and lay down high quality red-deal flooring.

Day 5: Start installation of Xtratherm insulation and Kingspan warmboard.

Day 6: Fitting of new stairs and making the necessary alterations to the downstairs landing.

Day 7: Finishing plaster boarding beneath the stairs and soundproof gable walls; preparing for plastering.

Day 8: Plaster the attic using 3mm skim coat and any downstairs alterations.

Day 9/10: Second-fixing of attic room; fitting of doors architrave, skirting, handrail and spindles.

It should be noted that we only engage with one project at a time. The reasoning behind this is the level of attention to detail and assurance we provide our clients so that, should an inspection take place in the process of selling the property, the structural alterations are satisfactory to the surveyor.

Once we take your valued order, we issue you with a confirmation letter stating the terms and conditions agreed as per quotation, commencement date, price and payment terms. Please note that payments (broken down in three equal installments) are taken in arrears of work done, therefore no deposit is required. Prices include VAT at 13.5%. Tax clearance is available upon request.